Kamagra Effervescent KAMAGRA EFFERVESCENT sildenafil Effervescent

kamagra effervescent kamagra fizz
300/7 pills
Proizvoditeli Ajanta
Active Substance sildenafil Citrate
Dosage 100 mg
expiration date 2020
Receiving For 1 h. to act
Time steps 5-6 hours
Daily intake 100 mg
Compatible with alcohol No

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Any, even the most, at first glance, minor problems with potency, if not addressed, can escalate into large serious physiological and psychological problems. Weak potency or complete lack of it often leads to depression and in some cases to suicide. Modern medicine helps men in solving the above problems. The drug Kamagra Effervescent helps to ensure that the treatment of potency may be difficult painless, it can be enjoyable.

Modern medicine can offer different remedies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and even impotence. A rich selection allows you to choose what is most suitable for a man. Often, in order to make the right choice has to undergo a full medical examination. And sometimes only a doctor is able to specify the dosage of the drug received.


Kamagra Effervescent popularly known as Kamagra Fiz. This is a version of Viagra tablets and it was created specifically for those who don't want for various reasons to take the pill. The name she received for being so well as Viagra contains sildenafil citrate (dosage 100 mg), but unlike Viagra, Viagra Effervescent dissolves in water and acts faster. This drug became the first among the means to increase potency, which was released in "sparkling" form. It should be noted that Kamagra Effervescent is available in tablets and in capsules, and as a gel medicines. The latter (gel medicines) were more popular among men than tablets or capsules. But this was before the advent of soluble tablets. The pop has become a real bestseller as it has a pleasant taste and acts faster than other means to improve erectile function.


the Long-known fact that the cause of erectile dysfunction is the small blood vessels in the penis and other pelvic organs. Sildenafil citrate increases the blood flow to the genitals of men and thus slows down the process of outflow of blood.
Kamagra Effervescent starts to work almost immediately after ingestion, it is easy to use, has a pleasant orange flavor and mild side effects. In addition, unlike pills, pop does not cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and therefore does not contribute to the aggravation of already existing diseases. The effect of taking Viagra Effervescent occurs within 15-30 minutes after administration and is valid for 6 hours. And this contributes to the fact that sexual intercourse becomes more prolonged, and the feeling of partners is more vivid.

benefits of Kamagra Effervescent

According to statistics, sildenafil citrate is in the soluble form is especially popular among Mature men.

Why? To answer this question is difficult. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that Kamagra Effervescent better, faster effect on men of middle and old age. But the cause may be different. Probably not everyone will be pleased to swallow tablets generic Viagra Effervescent.

As already mentioned, the main problems with potency arise because of low blood flow in the pelvic area in General and in the sexual organ of men. Viagra Effervescent has no impact on the process of emergence of an erection, as do some aphrodisiacs. Her goal is to normalize blood circulation and increase blood flow to the sex organ.

the Advantage of Kamagra Effervescent in the fact that to take it 15-30 minutes before sexual intercourse and not 40-60 minutes, like other means, capable to cure potency. The fizzy drink will immediately give the man the force and improve the potency, but pleasant orange taste will only add positive emotions. Numerous customer testimonials is proof of this.

Method of application

Kamagra Effervescent should be taken 1 tablet (100 mg) per day. Subsequently, the dosage may be increased to 200 mg or decreased to 25 mg. the Daily dose should not exceed a dosage of 200 mg. Tablet to be dissolved in a large glass of water or soft drink. Can be taken before, and after eating. Should not be taken together with alcoholic beverages, because alcohol reduces the effectiveness of the drug. Viagra Effervescent should be taken 15-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Side effects

Sildenafil citrate contained in Kamagra Effervescent from hypersensitive people may cause dizziness, headache, blurred eyes, changes color, cold. If such symptoms appear when first taking the drug, they should be described as the adaptation of an organism to components of the drug. If such symptoms occur frequently and have a strong character, then You have individual intolerance to separate components of the drug. In this case, you must seek the advice of a doctor. Before you begin taking Kamagra Effervescent, and in order to protect yourself from unwanted consequences, and can pass a full medical examination. The results will allow you to know the exact dosage, and compatibility with other, prescription drugs.

So, Kamagra Effervescent – is the first tool to improve the potency created in the form of soluble tablets. It has a pleasant orange flavor starts to act almost instantly, does not irritate the lining of the stomach and has virtually no side effects. This tool will help men to not only get rid of physiological problems (problems with potency), but also from associated psychological problems. However, remember that the means to improve the potency there are many, but none of them will help, if not caused by natural way of sexual desire, and arousal.

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Kamagra Effervescent is a medical preparation and may be taken only following the special examination and appointment doctor. Website administration is not responsible for side effects and any harm associated with self-medication with drugs on the basis of Sildenafil .

please Follow the contraindications and the dosage. High dosage and frequent use is harmful to health.