POXET Dapoxetine 30 Dapoxetine Hydrochloride / Dapoxetine Hydrohloride

180/10 pills
Manufacturer Sunrise Remedies
Active substance Dapoxetine Hydrochloride
Dosage 30 mg
expiration date 2019
Receiving For 1 h. to act
Time steps up To 5 hours
Daily intake 60 mg
Compatible with alcohol In small quantities

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Drug POXET 30 is a tool allowing to effectively deal with premature ejaculation in men. Many clinical tests have proven the positive effect of the tablets, increasing 4 times the duration of intimacy. The main point is the lack of side effects after taking Poxet 30, and preservation of sensations during sexual intercourse. Also the product is quite compatible with other tools designed to increase the potency.
For men who first dared to accept Poxet 30 is better to keep the dosage to prevent the possible emergence of unintended consequences. The reception means is an hour prior to sexual intercourse, 1 pill at a time. It is not recommended to drink alcohol or large amounts of fatty foods, can reduce the effect of the drug is Poxet 30 or slow down the onset of effect. It is also important not to exceed the recommended dosage because otherwise you risk to experience possible side effects.

How to take Poxet 30

Poxet 30 can use men aged 18-65 years. To use the preparation not more often than once a day and do not want to exceed the manufacturer's recommended dose. The action of the pharmaceutical product continues to 5 hours. When exceeding the daily dose of the drug may experience: reduced efficiency, the occurrence of side effects or may occur General poisoning of the body. There is a category of patients who are contraindicated for taking this medicinal product.


Poxet 30 is not allowed to apply to men who have:

– there is an acute or chronic heart failure;
– severe hepatic or renal disease;
– depression, insomnia, or drug addiction.

This drug also should not be taken together with alcohol. Patients with epilepsy or Parkinson's disease, it is better either to completely reject a sexual stimulant, or accept it after consulting your doctor. The drug is forbidden to take the persons with individual intolerance to its components.

Buy POXET 30 Dapoxetine in US

poxet 30 dapoksetin


Poxet-30 is a medical preparation and may be taken only following the special examination and appointment doctor. Website administration is not responsible for side effects and any harm associated with self-medication with drugs on the basis of Dapoxetine .

please Follow the contraindications and the dosage. High dosage and frequent use is harmful to health.


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