Spray Prolongator STUD 5000 Spray prolongator sex

спрей пролонгатор stud 5000 лидокаин
250/1 Upakovka
Proizvoditeli Millenium
Active Substance Lidokain
Dosage 20 mg
expiration date 2019
Receiving For 30 minutes
Time steps up To 5 hours
the Daily dose -
Compatible with alcohol Yes

Buy Spray Prolongator with Lidocaine. Prolongator Spray

спрей пролонгатор stud 5000

Product Description Spray Prolongator

Many men are familiar with the problem of premature ejaculation. It can bring lots of troubles in family life, significantly undermine men's self-esteem and lower self-esteem. To solve an intimate problem will help Prolongator Spray (Lidocaine). Thanks to him, will significantly increase the duration of sexual intercourse, which would give the man confidence in their own abilities and allow you to give darling magical orgasm.

the composition of the Spray Prolongator contains the active ingredient lidocaine (20%), has anesthetic action that is used during surgery to decrease the sensitivity of nerve endings. Also Spray Prolongator contains inactive ingredients: flavoring agents, solvent, stearic acid, isopropyl myristate.

Produced Prolongator Spray in 20-gram canister, which is enough for 500 shots. It is manufactured in India.

it is Recommended to buy a Spray Prolongator with lidocaine for men suffering from early ejaculation and those who want to prolong the pleasure obtained from lovemaking.
The mechanism of action of the drug

Prolongator Spray is a local anesthetic and sodium channel blocker, thereby temporarily slowing the generation of impulses in the sensitive nerves, and movement of impulses along nerves. As a result of all these processes decreases the sensitivity of the glans penis 4-5 times, preventing the occurrence of thrill that gives you the opportunity to delay the ejaculation and orgasm for 40-50 minutes.

But, however, can lower the sensitivity and at women Spray Prolongator, manual therefore advises to use a condom.

Method of application Spray Prolongator

Men of course are interested in how to use the Spray Prolongator, instruction manual recommends to put it on the head of the penis with a 10-centimeter distance 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse. Thus it is necessary to pull the skin from the head of the penis. Need to make 3-4 spraying. Too much to get involved is not necessary in order not to lose sensitivity.

the spray can be combined with other medications. Especially recommended for joint application Spray Prolongator with dapoxetine. These two drugs can prolong an erection and delay ejaculation, but the principle of action different from them. So they complement each other and help to significantly extend the fun.

Due to the unique action has won great popularity Prolongator lidocaine Spray price in US the drug with the incomparable pleasure, which he helps to get.

Contraindicationsindications and side effects

in some cases you can't use the Spray Prolongator, the statement argues that it is contraindicated in case of:

· hypersensitive;

· the presence of the skin of the head of the penis injuries, especially infected;

· chronic heart failure;

· bradycardia;

· liver disease;

· old age.

do not use the spray more often 24 times per day.

Security Spray Prolongator fully proven. Side effects during the test, the spray was not detected. Sometimes there is itching or burning sensation in the genital area. But as the onset of anesthetic effect unpleasant feeling will disappear. May appear numbness, but after 2-3 minutes it passes.
The advantages of aerosol. Prolongator Spray makes it easy to solve the problems associated with early ejaculation and give yourself and your sweetheart a fabulous night of love.

Spray with lidocaine prolongator:

· improves the quality of sex;

· reduces sensitivity of nerve endings located in the head of the penis;

· in 3-4 times increases the duration of sexual contact;

· allows you to control the ejaculation;

· easily sprayed;

· takes effect after 10 minutes after application;

· combined with other drugs that are used to control intimacy issues;

· can be used together with a condom;

· does not leave oily spots;

· does not affect the quality of erections;

· does not violate reproductive capacity;

· does not alter the composition of semen;

· in clinical trials proven its effectiveness, reliability and safety;

· no side effect;

· almost no contraindications;

· relieves nervousness and anxiety about untimely ejaculation;

· gives confidence;

· increases self-esteem.

Prolongator Spray price in USA

price in USA Spray Prolongator to extend the love of pleasure and enrich the bright colors of the palette of your sex life. The man does not have to control the ejaculation. He will be able to relax and focus on your partner and their feelings.


Stud 5000 is a medical preparation and may be taken only following the special examination and appointment doctor. Website administration is not responsible for side effects and any harm associated with self-medication with drugs on the basis of Lidocaine .

please Follow the contraindications and the dosage. High dosage and frequent use is harmful to health.