Viagra CENFORCE PROFESSIONAL sildenafil Citrate Sublingual 100 mg / Sildenafil Citrate Sublingual

Viagra Soft
180/10 pills
Manufacturer Centurion Laboratories
Active substance sildenafil Citrate Sosatelnyj
Dosage 100 mg
shelf Life 2019
Receiving For 1 h. to act
Time steps 5 hours
Daily intake 100 mg
Compatible with alcohol No

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Product Description

Cenforce Viagra Professional (Cenforce Professional) is a new, more powerful version of the famous pills to increase potency.
Recommended to men with weak erection. With a weak potency and lack of stamina of the male urogenital system for good sex.
Well suited for the recovery of potency after severe fatigue, stress and age-related changes in the body.
Increases the severity of sexual sensations.
Improves erection and increases duration of sex.

How the product

Drug Cenforce Professional acts by stimulating blood circulation in the region of the pelvic floor.
Takes effect within 60 minutes after ingestion and remains effective for seven to eight hours. Allows for this time, at least three or four sexual act with a minimum duration of sex and 40 minutes.

How to take Cenforce Professional

Cenforce Professional Pills are taken no more than 1-day in oral form. To drink drinking water. Incompatible with alcohol.
On the day of taking the pills, it is forbidden to use psychotropic medications, nitrates, pain pills and antibiotics. Their interaction can negatively affect the effectiveness of the drug.


Renfors Professional can not be used men with heart disease. In renal failure, cirrhosis of the liver and poor coagulation of blood. As well as it is forbidden to drink alcohol.

Possible side effects Viagra Cenforce Professional
Dizziness and pain of head, periodic drowsiness, and nausea.

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Cenforce Professional is a medical preparation and may be taken only following the special examination and appointment doctor. Website administration is not responsible for side effects and any harm associated with self-medication with drugs on the basis of Sildenafil .

please Follow the contraindications and the dosage. High dosage and frequent use is harmful to health.


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