Sendra AVANA 100 Avanafil 100 mg Avanafil 100 mg

350/4 PCs
Manufacturer Sunrise Remedies
Active substance Avanafil
Dosage 100 mg
expiration date 2019
Receiving For 1 h. to act
Time steps up To 12 hours
Daily intake 100 mg
Compatible with alcohol Yes

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Description of the drug AVANA 100

100 AVANA — generic the newest treatment for sexual impotence. The drug is really able to "outdo" all the name brand tablets for the treatment of impotence.
Avana 100 is the fast acting medicine of all: it begins to act in 15 minutes after adoption. Other advantages AVANA 100 are power (one pill of avana does not lose its effectiveness even in severe forms of impotence) and the almost complete absence of side effects (essentially new technology has enabled makers of drugs to reduce the level of occurrence of such effects up to 1 %). Time of action of the drug is 6 hours.
In early 2010, leading the American pharmacists developed innovative means that increase the potency — Avana. After numerous tests it has been approved by the Office of quality control of products and medicines USA and is today known under the name of Stendra (Stendra). The drug begins to work within 15 minutes after ingestion. Its action is not suppressed by alcohol or food, and saved 6-7 hours.

the Benefits of the drug Avana 100:

· the Effect occurs very quickly — within 15 minutes of ingestion;
· Long action of the drug is 6 hours;
· Easily combined with fatty foods and alcohol;
· Suppress self-doubt and fear of sexual intimacy;
· Has no age limit;
· Rapidly excreted from the body;
· Means you can take hypotensive.

Standard daily rate of the drug Avana – 100 mg depending on individual tolerance dose can be increased to 200 mg or decrease to 50 mg. it is Impossible to adjust the dose, if the person has disorders in the kidney or liver. Furthermore, the drug accumulates in the body, so every time the strength and duration of erections only increased.
Doctors recommend to consume AVANA 100 patients suffering from disorders in the erectile function. Before taking the drug should consult a specialist. The combination of funds with "Erythromycin" or "Ketoconazole" several times increases the amount in the male body. Especially not we recommend taking Stendra 100 in parallel with beta-blockers. Overdose or misuse of the drug may adversely affect not only the urinary system but also to cause deterioration of General health and poisoning of the body.

Pharmacological action

AVANA 100 is a popular tool to deal with sexual dysfunction in men, with minimal adverse events.
Therapeutic effect is achieved due to:
· Stimulation of blood flow to the head of the penis;
· Relaxation of smooth muscle walls of the artery.

speed effects AVANA 100 significantly outperformed their older "brothers". Strong erection occurs 10-30 minutes after ingestion in the natural sexual desires. The chemical composition of Stendra — selective PDE-5 inhibitor, meaning it acts only on the genitourinary system without affecting other organs. This work drugs minimizes the occurrence of side effects and allergic reactions.
Indications for use
The drug can make men of any age who strive for years to maintain their sexual life at an appropriate level.

Method of application

Initial dose of Stendra that is prescribed by a doctor, is all right, that is, 50 mg of the drug. If the medication is well tolerated diagnosed without side effects, the daily dose was increased to 100mg. the drug Action is based on natural sexual arousal, therefore erection for no apparent reason is absolutely impossible.

Contraindicationsindications AVANA 100 mg:

· Allergy to any components of the drug.
· Combination with donators of nitric oxide, nitrates, nitrites.
· Taking other agents for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
· It is strictly forbidden to use Stendra 100 teenagers, children and women.
· Physical problems with the shape of the penis – angulation, etc.
· Diseases that are characterized by pain during erection and uncontrolled her appearance.
· The tendency to bleeding and reduced blood clotting.
· Aggravation of stomach ulcers.
· Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Side effects:

basically adverse reactions avana in the body occur when the received dose exceeds the generic base. In such cases sometimes there is one or several unpleasant effects such as: seizures; rash on the skin; General weakness; tachycardia; fainting; nose bleeding; vomiting; redness of the eyeball; painful erection.

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Avana 100 is a medical preparation and may be taken only following the special examination and appointment doctor. Website administration is not responsible for side effects and any harm associated with self-medication with drugs on the basis of Tadalafil .

please Follow the contraindications and the dosage. High dosage and frequent use is harmful to health.