the causative agent for Women GOLD FLY Exciting drop for women

a Natural
350/12 stikov
Proizvoditeli City/Thailand
Active Substance Poison flies
Dosage 2.5 mg
expiration date 2020
Receiving 30-60 minutes
Time steps 5 hours
Daily intake 1 stick per day
Compatible with alcohol In small quantities

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spanish gold fly

Flirting and foreplay includes a few unwritten rules to abide by that everyone should. One of these rules is the principle of reciprocity, which should take signs of attention and gifts just because the man is ready to go to the end. But, unfortunately, not all women choose fair play, preferring meekly to settle for treats and gifts. What to do an honest man in this case? We recommend you to use Exciter for women a proven weapon for cunning coquettes – stimulating drops.

What the causative agent for Women

the causative agent for Women nothing like a normal beetle that lives in most parts of Eurasia. The peculiarity of the flies in that it secretes a special poison, which contains the active substance cantharidin. Getting in the female body, Cantharidin stimulates the hypothalamus (part of brain responsible for sexual arousal) that instantly causes the desire to make love. The Gold Fly drug Cantharidin used in minimal doses, safe for the body, but sufficient for the target effect.

In English-speaking countries to find and buy Spanish Gold Fly can only be called Spanish Gold Fly. The name of the drug is associated directly with Spanish fly only partially. The addition of Gold – it is not more than just a brand name that became a household name for all aphrodisiacs on the basis of Cantharidin. Please note that the store CenturionShop you can buy Exciter for Women, and not its equivalent, and, even more, a fake.

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unfortunately, this drug is not for everyone, so before the causative agent for Women to buy it , always make sure that the person who will be doing it, there are no contraindications. Among them:

  • Age (persons under 18 years is contraindicated);
  • Pregnancy;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Epilepsy in anamnesis;
  • idiosyncrasy of Cantharidin and/or other components of the drug.

Method of application

You should understand that this drug has no therapeutic effect. It means you will feel excited only after a time of action of an aphrodisiac (about 5 hours). Exciter for Women and all its derivatives completely removed from the body 24 hours after ingestion. How to still make stimulating drops?

  • Stir in liquid

One of the main advantages of the agent for Women is the ability to use light alcoholic beverages (up to 15°), so you can feel free to dilute the drug in the cocktail, or wine.

  • Drink

Exciter for Women is tasteless and odorless, and so its presence in any drink it is impossible to determine.

  • to Be ready for the most powerful effect

the Drug begins to actively influence the hypothalamus after 10-20 minutes. Get ready for transformation and total change of mood of your companion after ingestion of the Pathogen for Women.

the causative agent for Women

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