LOVEGRA SILVER FOX Stimulating powder for women

a Natural
350/12 stikov
Proizvoditeli City/Thailand
Active Substance the Set of herbs
Dosage 2 grams
expiration date 2020
Receiving 30-60 minutes
Time steps 5 hours
Daily intake 1 stick per day
Compatible with alcohol In small quantities

LOVEGRA buy in US. SILVER FOX reviews

silver fox

Every man for once in your life met girls whose behavior did not meet expectations and provided attention. Such girls easily accept gifts, go to cafes and restaurants at our expense, but when it's "moment of truth" come up with hundreds of reasons to refuse. So the days pass, and days of weeks and months, and we get nothing but losses and "interesting communication". Specifically for such cases and invented the drug LOVEGRA, immediate stimulating effect which will take off 100 reasons on the background.

What is the causative agent

Lovegra – a drug from the Spanish research Institute of biological engineering. The name silver Fox – this is a direct translation of the original name of the drug "Silver Fox" (Spanish El Zorro de Plata). This aphrodisiac is named after the eponymous mythical creature. Ancient Castilian legends say that any woman, only once referring to the silver Fox, will be doomed to eternal youth and beauty. Drug Female exciter also gives the young women, providing them with the brightest orgasms.

Buy Female exciter means to the most effective natural ingredients in one product. The composition of aphrodisiac harvested from rare herbs, grown primarily in Thailand: She Chuan Zi, nodulated Pueraria, Mucuna pruriens etc. Natural base with Silver Fox provides a minimum list of contraindications and powerful stimulating the desire effect. In addition, due to the specific properties that stimulate blood flow to the genitals, the drug greatly increases the pleasure of the caresses and touches, as well as significantly enhances orgasms.

More on the composition

in Addition to the above herbs in the composition of LOVEGRA includes: Hawaiian rose, long pepper, Epimedium Korotkova and wild yams. Each of these plants has unique components which in combination give a powerful stimulation of female sexuality.

She Chuan Zi

a Key element of the drug. Lovegra can buy only because of extract of this plant, as it contains a special combination of neurotransmitters. They act directly on the brain women and "include" excitement, sending the appropriate command to the genital organs. Thanks to the extract of She Chuang Zi the excitement of the Silver Fox occurs naturally and easily.

Mucuna pruriens and Pueraria bumpy

These herbs are some of the most powerful natural "compressor", which pumped up the genitals with blood. It is very important not only in order to cause the initiation and natural lubrication, but also to increase the sensitivity of the genitals.

Epimedium Korotkova

If the previous two extract Women pathogen is needed in order to upload the genitals with blood, the extract of Epimedium korotkoruchko necessary to provide the compression for a certain period. Epimedium korotonozhkina is composed of icariin – a natural analogue of Tadalafil (the main active ingredient Cialis), whereby the effect of drug remains up to 5 hours.

wild Yam and pepper long

You probably know that for women during intercourse is very important to feel comfortable and not be distracted by different stimuli. Included in Women pathogen extracts of wild Yams and long pepper contain quite a strong neurotransmitters that allow the girls to relax and concentrate better on the sensations that lead to orgasm much faster.

Hawaiian rose

Buy Lovegra would be the best solution because it contains a special flavonoid Hawaiian rose (she of the wiry Argyria), which act on the female body as a natural muscle relaxant, causing her whole body to relax. After taking silver Fox extract of Hawaiian roses counteracts spasms in the pelvis. This causes the blood to circulate, which ensures a long and powerful orgasms. By the way, thanks to this extract women who never received orgasm starts to obtain together with taking Silver Fox.


Man, one who has decided Lovegra buy start to buy it regularly. Along with it he appears in the eyes of the female guru of sex and the only man that can give the strongest orgasms. With Lovegra you don't need to persuade flirts with affection and love, because they themselves will dream about it.

Lovegra reviews

LOVEGRA has good reviews from happy men and happy women, who were able to get rid of their complexes and change their sex life.

After buying drug Express about Lovegra reviews, you may be able to help other clients achieve the full potential of these drop for women.