Dapoxetine and Extenders

  1. What is the extenders. Types of extenders.
  2. Premature a seed of eruption. Fast ejaculation.
  3. How to prolong sexual intercourse the man.
  4. Why I come too quickly. How quickly not to cum.
  5. Pills to prolong sexual intercourse.
  6. Generic Dapoxetine.

What is the extenders. Types of extenders

the Extenders are designed to prolong sexual intercourse for men. The extension of sex is very important factor for a strong relationship. Today, there are so many different drugs to prolong sexual intercourse both medical and biological additives. Each type of extenders has its advantages and disadvantages. Supplements they supplements are all natural products based on plants and herbs. They have the least negative impact on the body and more secure. The main disadvantage of natural products is the duration of the course from 1 to 3 months, the effect immediately you feel. The most famous herbal formula to prolong sexual intercourse – Confido from Himalaya. For instant effect often use sprays based on Lidocaine. He applied to the penis several spray and dulls sensitivity. Of the negative advantages it is is irritated at your partner, and also a lot less fun for the man because he suppresses the sensitivity of the penis. Generic drug for prolongation of sexual intercourse Dapoxetine. It consists of Dapoxetine Hydrochloride, which blocks the receptors responsible for premature ejaculation.

Premature a seed of eruption. Quick ejaculation

Studies have shown that men need less time to achieve orgasm than women. Therefore, most women do not achieve complete satisfaction and the relationship begins to crack. Man important time to acknowledge their failure and take care of the problem. Premature a seed of eruption is not a sentence and is easily treatable. But it is better to take care of the problem in advance after the course prevention natural medicine Confido. Rapid ejaculation can turn sex into flour, not pleasure. If the problem started and after a course of treatment Confido, premature eruption of the seed left, and you quickly end up to slow down rapid ejaculation will help the drug to prolong sexual intercourse Dapoxetine.

How to prolong sexual intercourse the man

To prolong sexual intercourse male for the beginning it is best to consult a doctor. After a survey of the causes of rapid or fast ejaculation, is prescribed a course of treatment extent of the problem, and contraindications. When the problem is fragmented in most cases help simple sedatives such as Fluoxetine or DULOXETINE. Thus helping to prolong sexual intercourse male by calming the body. When a problem is detected with a fast seed eruption, you should think about changing your lifestyle to change the food, to begin to engage, to sleep.

Why I come too quickly? How quickly not to cum

Many people have problems with the prolongation of sexual intercourse even at a young age. The main problems at this age may not be physical, and moral. Increasingly, patients, doctors ask the question: why do I ejaculate quickly? First you need to deal with the problem itself and because it had created that situation. How quickly not to cum, if the problem is not moral, and physical? If the problem is a one-off that will be enough to try prolongator spray Stud 5000. When the problem is more serious, doctors prescribe the drug for prolongation of sexual intercourse Dapoxetine. For the treatment of premature ejaculation taken this drug the course of 1 month 30 mg Dapoxetine a day for a couple of hours before bedtime. If the effect is immediate, then the drug to prolong sex taking in a dosage of 60 mg, very rarely in case of serious problems or a big body weight the doctor increases the dosage to 90 mg in order to prolong the sexual act by slowing down the onset of ejaculation.

Pills to prolong sexual intercourse

Pills to prolong sexual intercourse can be bought in any pharmacy. The most popular pill to prolong sex products based on Hydrochloride Dapoxetine. The original patented name of the drug based on Dapoxetine Hydrochloride – Priligy from the company Jonhson&Jonhson. But this drug has gained such popularity worldwide that has become one of the most vostrebovannyh to prolong sexual intercourse. But Dapoxetine price in pharmacies is very large, not available to everyone. Therefore, we would recommend to pay attention to generic Dapoxetine.

Generic Dapoxetine

this is a full Generic copy of the branded drug, which differs only in the title and the producer. The good quality generic Dapoxetine India produce. Among medications the highest quality Vriligy from Centurion Laboratories and Poxet 60 from Sunrise Remedies. But unlike the branded drug, the generics went on. Hydrochloride Dapoxetine is combined with any of the drugs for potency and erection such as Silis, Levitra, Dapoxetine. So a few years ago appeared on the market two drugs in one: Dapoxetine + Cialis, Dapoxetine + Viagra, Dapoxetine + Levitra, Dapoxetine + Avanafil. The most interesting drug to prolong sex is recognized as a Super Vidalista, which consists of two components: Dapoxetine plus Tadalafil. In the second place Super Vilitra drug, consisting Dapoxetine plus Vardenafil. In third place pills to prolong sex, Cenforce D, which includes Dapoxetine and sildenafil.

Buy Dapoxetine in US

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