Female Viagra. The increase libido. The achievement of an orgasm.

  1. What is Female Viagra.
  2. Types of female Viagra.
  3. How to excite a woman. Spanish fly and Silver Fox – agent for women.
  4. sildenafil and Tadalafil – increased sensitivity in the genital area.
  5. Flibanserin – helps to achieve orgasm for the woman.
  6. How to raise female libido.

What is Female Viagra

Female Viagra is often called all drugs descriptions similar to Viagra for men who can raise sexual desire women. But in fact there are so many kinds of medicines for women, which have different indications and contraindications and act completely differently than people expect. Let's see what is the difference Female agents, or how on another call Female Viagra and how to get the desired effect and to bring the girl to orgasm.

the Types of Female Viagra

Female Viagra is of different types:

  • Natural products: the most famous Spanish Fly (Fly with Gold), Silver Fox (Silver Fox).
  • Gels, lubricants
  • Drugs based on Sildenafil and Tadalafil: Cenforce FM, Lovegra, Femalegra.
  • preparations on the basis of Flibanserin: Addyi, Fliban

Natural products are the safest, they are composed of different biological products, rastenij.

the Gels and lubricants are applied to the genitals, causing blood flow to increase sensitivity of the clitoris.

Drugs based on Sildenafil and Tadalafil increase blood flow to the genitals, increase the sensitivity, the humidity of the vagina.

preparations on the basis of effect of Flibanserin on brain activity, enhancing the sensitivity and likelihood of orgasm.

How to excite a woman. Spanish fly and Silver Fox – agent for women.

Want to make that girl you wanted and wanted from you is sex? LOVEGRA Spanish Fly aka Fly Gold, produced in the form of straw. The basis of the drug include plant and animal extracts, which cause women have increased sex desire, and arousal. Spanish Fly (Fly with Gold) can be added to water, juice. Spanish Fly is not quite compatible with alcohol, so mixing with alcoholic drinks, you may not achieve the desired result, maybe the alcohol reduces the effect of the Gold Fly. What a Silver Fox or whatever it is called Silver Fox? Silver Fox (Silver Fox) is a similar drug Spanish Fly, Silver Fox is only available in the form of powder which can be added to foods. To choose Spanish Fly Silver Fox, or you choose, but if the drug is combined with alcohol, but don't then complain that they don't work 🙂

sildenafil and Tadalafil – increased sensitivity in the genital area.

Buy female Viagra, no means to get the desired effect. Because all excitatory for women have different effects. Sildenafil and Tadalafil are drugs that are responsible for blood flow to the genitals, thus giving an increase in sensitivity of the vagina and clitoris. Also, these drugs for women have a large list of contraindications from increased pressure to headaches. One of the most popular drugs to women on the basis of Sildenafil – Cenforce FM, Femalegra, Lovegra. Female Viagra, composed of sildenafil citrate and Tadalafil are not compatible with alcohol and fatty foods, they reduce the action of Sildenafil in 2-3 times. So it is advisable not to eat 2 hours before taking the drug and not to take alcoholic beverages or not to wait for a good effect in view of the increased sensitivity of women.

Flibanserin – helps to achieve orgasm female

Flibanserin is the only patented product for women, and which can be called the Female Viagra. This drug is intended for women who have a reduced craving for sex, low female libido, and for women who can't get an orgasm or experience a problem with achieving orgasm. Flibanserin also has antidepressant properties.

Studies have shown that when taking Flibanserin women, they had increased sensitivity, women used to reach orgasm than before, even those who could not reach came to having an orgasm. But the female body is much more complicated than the male and if a male to achieve a single pill of Viagra for women need more time. The average course of treatment with Flibanserin about 1 month, 1 pill taken before dreams, every day.

the Increase in sensitivity and rasslablennost beginning to be felt already after a week of taking the drug, but this may be enough for the desired effect. So before you buy Flibanserin, you have to understand that one pill of the drug Flibanserin will not give a miracle, it is necessary to drink a course.

How to raise female libido.

Raise female libido is not as easy as it seems at first glance, that is why even after taking different drugs, the result can be completely different. Someone they help very well, but who simply doesn't know the difference. If a woman lost libido and desire to have sex, the most important thing to identify the problem. It can be as physical and moral. To begin to deal with moral problems: everyday life, everyday problems, conflicts at work – all this can be the cause of the loss of interest in sex. Even everyday little things: a rash, rest can help with raising the female libido. Only after the moral factors that could reduce the female libido is possible, you should resort to medical treatment for women. The most effective medication to raise female libido – Flibanserin because it has an effect on the brain, which is responsible for arousal and achieving orgasm.

So before you buy Women's Viagra, should consult a doctor.